How to Do a Lighting Installation

A good lighting installation makes a difference in the way you live and work in your home. For starters, you will be able to see better, which is helpful for performing everyday tasks. It will also improve the look and feel of your space. Proper lighting also keeps your electrical wiring in good condition and will save you money on utility bills.

If your lighting is outdated or not performing as it should, a trained electrician can help you with a lighting installation. Alternatively, you may just want to replace some of the fixtures in your office or home. Either way, a new light installation can give your office or home a whole new look. Whether you’re adding pendant lighting, a new fixture, or installing recessed lighting, you’ll need to consult an electrician. You may also wish to upgrade to digital technology, which allows you to control your lighting remotely.

You should also make sure that you ground all the metal parts of your light fixture. To do this, look for the green mounting bracket screw. Make sure you follow local electrical codes. If you’re working with a licensed electrician, you should obtain a permit before you begin installing new light fixtures. It’s also a good idea to use the same wattage light bulbs as the light fixture. Using higher wattage bulbs can cause a fire hazard.

After completing the lighting installation, you should be able to remove the light fixtures. In most cases, a light fixture is attached with a screw or two. You won’t need anchors if you’re installing the light fixture directly to the electrical box. It’s also a good idea to have a second person to assist you in removing heavy and awkward light fixtures.

Home lighting installation costs depend on the type of fixtures, the number of lights, and the type of electrical wiring required. Adding new lights can double the cost of installation, so it’s best to get professional help. While you may be able to do the installation yourself, you may not have enough experience with electrical work.

Peterman Brothers provides a full range of lighting installation services. They’re known for their quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. They serve clients throughout the Indianapolis area. They install both ambient and recessed pot lights. They also install track lights, ceiling, and floor lamps. The results of these installations are long-lasting and will make a statement in your home.

Another type of lighting installation that requires special care is installing motion sensors. These lights need to have a sensing range that doesn’t exceed a certain distance. In addition, the location of the fixture can limit the range of the sensor. If you plan to install multiple sensors in a single room, make sure they’re mounted near the door or exit. For more details on lighting repair and installation visit